Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 - 2009 Heisman Candidates

With the list of those entering the NFL Draft in a few months finalized we can now sit back and look at the possible/probable Heisman Candidates for the 2008-2009 season. For a Background here is my first foray into the field of likely Bronze Stiff Arm Finalists on their quest to strike the Reverse Desmond. (In case you wonder why I call it the "Reverse Desmond, it has to do with the fact that Howard sticks he Left arm out and Left leg forward, while the Bronze Stiff Arm is the Right arm out and Right leg forward. It's the details people. Anyway due to my expansive knowledge of College Football as well as Heisman Voting Procedures I can tell you all why my Top 25 could be the next, and why they most likely won't. Since it helps me get through the day (and since I go home in 15 minutes) I'm going to break this up similarly to how I broke up the NFL Draft columns. Without further adieu my Top 25 2008 Heisman Hopefulls (In Alphabetical order)

Todd Boeckman, QB - Ohio State
Why: Led Ohio State to the BCS Championship
2007: 191/299 2379 yds, 25 TD 14 INT.
Why Not: Needs Brian Hartline to really step up and be a serious down-field threat.

Sam Bradford, QB - Oklahoma
Why: Oklahoma 11-2 in games he finished as True Freshman
2007: 237/341 3121 yds, 36 TD 8 INT
Why Not: Missed Time, injuries, Sophomore

Jimmy Clausen, QB - Notre Dame
Why: Plays for Notre Dame (Tim Brown Factor)
2007: 67/104 636 yds 6 TD 1 INT (In last 3 games)
Why Not: Those games were against Air Force, Duke, Stanford. Didn't start 6 of the team's games, Sophomore

Michael Crabtree, WR - Texas Tech
Why: Insane Numbers
2007: Seriously, insane Numbers, 134 Rec.1962 yds, 22 TD, Clutch
Why Not: He's a WR, He's a Sophomore, He plays for Texas Tech.

Chase Daniel, QB - Missouri
Why: Led Mizzou to a #1 ranking last season, Still has Jeremy Maclin
2007: 384/563 4306 yds, 33 TD 11 INT
Why Not: Losing Tony Temple, Team's leading receiver

Noel Devine, RB - West Virginia
Why: BearDown Fan Favorite, According to the last post, Performed well backing up Steve Slaton.
2007: 73 Att, 627 yds, 8.5 avg, 6 TD as a back-up
Why Not: Late in the game carries, yards, defeated teams, we'll see what he can do as #1

Graham Harrell, QB - Texas Tech
Why: Insane Numbers throwing to Crabtree, passing offense, has all the tools.
2007: 512/713 5705 yds, 48 TD 14 INT
Why Not: Texas TECH, spread offense, inflated numbers, Colt Brennan Factor

P.J. Hill, RB - Wisconsin
Why: North/South Runner, last year was a DOWN year for him
2007: 233 Att, 1212 yds, 5.2 avg, 14 TD, 0 Fumbles
Why Not: Wisconsin won't garner enough attention for him, Soph slump could be more.

Ian Johnson, RB - Boise State
Why: PR Factor, people know who he is
2007: 207 Att, 1041 yds, 5.0 avg, 16 TD, 0 Fumbles
Why Not: Boise State, WAC, Numbers down, a lot, last year, Whipped (proposed to his GF post GW Fiesta Bowl TD

Kellen Lewis, QB - Indiana
Why: Numbers have been increasing steadily, Indiana is improving
2007: 265/442, 3043 yds, 28 TD, 10 INT
Why Not: Indiana, Lost James Hardy, Still Indiana

Jeremy Maclin, WR - Missouri
Why: Solid Freshman Numbers, Should be # 1 Target for Daniel
2007: 80 rec, 1055 yds, 9 TD, Plus 4 Rushing TDs and 375 yds on 375 Att.
Why Not: WR, Sophomore Slump?, being the #1 receiver

Ryan Mallet, QB - Michigan
Why: Performed well as a True Freshman thrust into the spotlight on a Michigan team constantly in the spotlight (repetition intentional)
2007: 61/141, 892 yds, 7 TD, 5 INT
Why Not: Rich Rodriguez spread? Terrell Pryor? 5 INT to only 7 TD

UPDATE: Refer to the bottom of part 2 where 4Real points out that I'm an idiot. Rather than try to cover it up, I admit my mistake and cross it off without altering it in any other way, narrowing the field to 24. As I have said before, I am an idiot, please do not forget this.

Colt McCoy, QB - Texas
Why: Texas QB, his name is Colt McCoy for heaven's sake.
2007: 276/424 3,303 yds, 22 TD, 18 INT
Why Not: 18 INT, Hasn't impressed a lot.

Well That's it for now, I'll give you more brief overviews of the next 12 guys sometime Friday. Here are the next 12 (remember alphabetical order)

LeSean McCoy, RB - Pitt
Joe McKnight, RB - USC
Knowshon Moreno, RB - Georgia
Ryan Perrilloux, QB - Lousiana State
QB - University of Southern California (Whichever one starts between Sanchez and Mustain)
Matthew Stafford, QB - Georgia
Tim Tebow, QB - Florida
Mike Thomas, WR - Arizona
Willie Tuitama, QB - Arizona
Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB - Ohio State
Pat White, QB - West Virginia
Juice Williams, QB - Illinois

Check out Part 2 here


Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about, Jeremy Maclin was the leading receiver on MU's team last year. I don't think that will hurt Daniel's numbers.

Dom said...

You are correct (Temple was the leading rusher) what I meant to say was that they were losing their leading receiver in Martin Rucker (with 84 catches to Maclin's 80) and I also said that he had Maclin, which was a reason why he would be in the race. Losing Rucker means that Daniel might not have a decent #2 receiver. Franklin, Coffman, Saunders, and Alexander will be options, but losing the player with the most receptions on a team means adjustments.

SEC Fan said...

Hahaha! Boeckman? Not a chance! Also, at least make the statment correct:

Todd Boeckman, QB - Ohio State
Why: Led Ohio State to the BCS Championship Game

Thats quite a difference.

4Real said...

Hey SEC Fan, Todd lef the buckeyes to a National Championship in his first season behind the helm....he will be returning with 20 starters....who in the sec is doing that because it is not Florida....get some facts behind your statements before you start throwing random hate are the reason no one reads blogs

Anonymous said...

and will franklin went pro for missouri as well. he was a senior last season. they will have maclin, saunders, perry, alexander, and coffman

UT Fan said...

Are you serious??? Putting that merely because someone goes to Texas TECH is reason enough to not to win the Heisman Trophy???? Really guy? Really?